Why sell with Quatuor Vignobles?


1. The signing of the sales mandate

It is to be specified that the "study" of the buildings is not limited to the legal expertises of which the main ones are described below :

2. Fine selection of buyers and visits

Before carrying out a visit, we discuss with each potential buyer to validate the relevance of his project, his financial capacity and his technical skills. Thus, your Quatuor expert will only propose your property to serious potential buyers whose project corresponds to your property. He will be systematically present during the visits in order to present your property in the best possible way.

3. The offer or the intention to purchase

The Quatuor consultant leads the negotiation to reach an agreement between the parties. A buyer's offer is only acceptable if it is written and signed. We will give you this offer and explain the particulars of the candidate's project. If you accept the buyer's offer, the financing agreement obtained suspends the search for buyers, pending the signing of the sales contract under suspensive conditions.

4. The sales agreement

This contract definitively seals the commitment between the seller and the buyer, which is why we take great care in drafting it (carried out by Quatuor or the parties' advisors). Its signature enables the administrative formalities to be undertaken.

The buyer then pays a security deposit, usually set at 10% of the sale price, deposited in Quatuor's escrow account. This is your assurance that the buyer will take the necessary steps to lift the suspensive clauses within the agreed timeframe.

5. The final sale

We accompany you until the signature of the final sale at the Notary. The deed of the Sale of movable property establishes the transfer of ownership of the movable property (equipment, stocks,...) and defines the terms of payment between the parties. Inventory of the bottles, management of the dry materials or valorization of the advances to the cultures... nothing is left to chance to carry out a serene and secure sale. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

The transfer of a wine estate requires real expertise and security, which Quatuor Vignobles provides. Our team of negotiators, lawyers and assistants is mobilized for the success of your projects.

6. Frequently asked questions

How will you find me buyers?

We have a file of several thousand buyers and we carry out numerous communication activities that allow us to find candidates. When we are contacted by a potential buyer, we collect the essential data of his project in order to identify the properties in adequacy with his research.

Do you make many visits?


We have a lot of visits but no offer, how to explain that?

Your property has criteria that attract candidates, and that's a good thing! However, one or more criteria are certainly making them back away. Your negotiator will work with you to determine the reasons and take steps to deal with these objections and move forward with the sale.